SREE 2024 Conference
Navigating the Future of Education Research: Impact Evaluation in a Transforming Landscape

A Message from the Program Co-Chairs

Guadalupe Carmona & Vivian C. Wong, 2024 Program Co-Chairs

This year’s conference theme, “Navigating the Future of Education Research: Impact Evaluation in a Transforming Landscape,” invites participants to delve into the methodologies, skills, and knowledge areas that education researchers will need to provide rigorous evidence for decision-making.

The education landscape is undergoing rapid change. The Covid-19 pandemic amplified existing inequities in many education systems, and there is a growing demand for interventions that yield positive outcomes while being culturally and linguistically responsive to the needs of diverse learners and their communities. The advent of education technology products, including generative AI, has the potential to profoundly change the nature of teaching and learning in classrooms.

What tools, skills, and knowledge will education researchers need to address rapid technological, cultural, and policy changes? At this year’s meeting, we invite attendees to propose, debate, and explore areas and perspectives that future education researchers will need.

To support lively conversations and idea-sharing, we introduce three innovations to our annual meeting. First, we announce a partnership with an IES-funded Pathways to the Education Sciences Research Training Program, to broaden and diversify participation in the Education Sciences by preparing a new generation of undergraduate fellows for doctoral study in education research. The Pathways Training program is designed to create pipelines for undergraduate students from minority serving institutions to join the education research community and to bring fresh voices, ideas, and perspectives to address the nation’s most pressing educational challenges.

Second, we support proposal submissions that are descriptive, qualitative, and measurement studies that complement and inform the design, implementation, and analysis of causal impact evaluations and research studies.

Finally, we introduce Special Education as its own conference section. We invite researchers to submit proposals on studies that evaluate interventions and policies for learners with or at-risk for disabilities, as well as on methodological approaches that address the unique research challenges that arise in special education settings. 

There are likely other knowledge areas, skills, and perspectives that education researchers will need as we continue to evolve as a community. We encourage you to join the conversation about what education research should look like over the next 20 years at the 2024 SREE annual meeting!

Guadalupe CarmonaUniversity of Texas - San Antonio, and Vivian C. Wong, University of Virginia
SREE 2024 Conference Program Co-Chairs


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