SREE Researchers of Color

Mission Statement

SREE-ROC is an interdisciplinary collective of researchers of color who develop and implement rigorous methodology for evaluating education policy. Our mission is to create spaces for community, professional development, and networking among researchers of color who are part of the larger SREE community. This mission is an expression of SREE’s commitment to nurturing a research community representative of the populations it serves as a critical and often overlooked element of rigor in the field.

Who are we?

SREE-ROC is comprised of researchers of color and allies across all career stages, disciplines, and industries.  The founder and current organizers for the ROC are Lashawn Richburg-Hayes, Sarah Peko-Spicer, Heather McCambly, and Wendy Castillo.

Why do we exist?

Methodological research communities suffer from a lack of equitable racial and ethnic representation. This underrepresentation is a direct result of histories of oppression and exclusion at multiple points of the educational and professional development pipeline. The resulting overrepresentation of white, dominant identities can lead to blindspots in research as a profession when it comes to asking and answering questions about education, policy, and other social constructs central to the maintenance of racial inequality. SREE-ROC is one step toward remedying these inequalities by placing the experiences of researchers of color at the center of a supportive professional community. 

What are our goals?


SREE-ROC will build community by creating a network of researchers of color across disciplines, industries, and career stages. Through this network, we will support mentoring relationships, foster research collaborations, and connect one another to job opportunities.


SREE-ROC will increase awareness of issues faced by researchers of color in our research communities and will share strategies for navigating fields in which we are largely underrepresented.


SREE-ROC will expand the influence of researchers of color by providing professional development and advice for establishing and sustaining successful careers in their chosen industry and discipline. We will also create a collective space for the concerns and interests of researchers of color to coalesce and build momentum.


SREE-ROC will increase the representation of researchers of color who choose to attend and participate in SREE by engaging in outreach initiatives with local universities.