Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness

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Journal Mission

The Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness (JREE) is the flagship publication of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE) and publishes original articles from the multidisciplinary community of researchers who are committed to applying principles of scientific inquiry to the study of educational problems.

JREE Content 

We aim to publish articles with the highest standards of methodological rigor that are relevant to practitioners, policymakers, and/or researchers. JREE publishes substantive research on factors important to educational success and methodological studies that improve our ability to conduct educational research. With a focus on educational effectiveness, most JREE articles have a connection to causal inference.

We welcome manuscripts in the following categories:

  • Evaluation
  • Theory, Contexts, and Mechanisms
  • Methodology

The Evaluation section publishes studies of educational interventions/programs, policies, or practices. These evaluations typically use research designs that support causal inference, such as randomized controlled trials or rigorous quasi-experimental designs. Although all papers submitted to this section should address questions regarding effectiveness, we encourage the inclusion of findings on implementation, fidelity, service contrast, cost, etc. We welcome papers with strong methods that find null or negative results as well as replication studies. We prefer papers with pre-registered analysis plans.

The Theory, Contexts, and Mechanisms section includes meta-analyses and syntheses, high-quality descriptive studies that illuminate educational conditions and contexts, and studies that rigorously investigate education processes and mechanisms. Aligned with JREE’s focus on effectiveness, most papers in this section have a connection to causal inference - often highlighting the conditions, contexts, and processes that shape, underlie, exacerbate and/or inhibit the effects of education practices and policies.

The Methodology section publishes work aimed at improving applied research on educational effectiveness. This work often advances (or advances our understanding of) the theoretical and technical features of research design, data analysis, data modeling, and measurement. We prefer work that directly contributes to the improvement of evaluations of programs, policies, or practices. We will consider work that deals with the statistical properties of measurement in so far as it relates to policy evaluation. Applications and case studies that demonstrate cutting-edge methods in educational contexts are welcome, as are brief “best practice” guides.

Publishing in JREE

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