Applications No Longer Being Accepted for 2019.  Information on the 2020 program will be provided when it is available.
SREE, in collaboration with Grantmakers for Education’s Data Impact Group, is pleased to introduce the SREE Summer Fellows Program. The purpose of this program is to connect educational researchers with philanthropic organizations seeking research information without having the time or expertise to access it and, in doing so, advance the use of high-quality education research.

Program Overview

SREE Summer Fellows will be tasked with conducting a literature review on a selected topic and creating a 1-2 page brief in plain language on that topic that can be used by foundations, practitioners, and other users in the community, as well as a more technical review for other researchers. Member organizations of Grantmakers for Education’s have identified 3 topics of interest outlined below. As part of the application, the prospective Fellow should propose an aspect of the topic on which to focus his/her summer literature review. The Fellow will work virtually and under the supervision of his/her graduate student advisor.

Fellows will commit to:

  • Spending 10-12 weeks (400 hours) on the project conducting research and writing up the findings.
  • Participating in four check-in calls with the funder and/or SREE (initial, midpoint, and 2 results presentations)
  • Preparing a final technical report
  • Writing a 1-2 page brief in plain language, that synthesizes the findings and includes the strength of the evidence

The Fellow’s graduate advisor must commit to:

  • Providing general supervision
  • Giving feedback and guidance on both the brief and technical report

In return, Fellows will receive:

  • $7000 in compensation, paid in two installments
  • Feedback from the funder
  • Potential opportunity to present findings at both the GFE 2019 fall meeting in New Orleans and the SREE 2020 Spring Conference in Crystal City, VA
  • Brief featured on the SREE and GFE websites

The advisor will receive a $2000 honorarium at the end of the project.

How to Apply

The fellowship is open to current SREE student members.* To apply, submit 1) your CV; 2) writing sample; 3) one page statement indicating the topic (from the options below) on which you would like to work, how you would approach working on your selected topic, how you would refine the research questions and scope, your relevant experience, and why you would like to be a Fellow; and 4) a brief statement, signed by your faculty advisor, indicating his/her willingness to serve as your advisor on this project during the summer. Please note that this is not a letter of recommendation, but rather a letter of intent to serve as your advisor on the project. Send all materials to [email protected]

Expected Outcomes

SREE and GFE intend for the Fellows program to have several meaningful outcomes. It will make research findings more accessible to users, will help find gaps and needs in educational research that funders need, will provide a valuable opportunity for SREE student members to use their training, and will allow those just starting in the field to make important connections that will help them in their career. The briefs will be jointly housed on SREE’s website as well as on the GFE website to reach divergent audiences.

The Data Impact Group:

The Grantmakers for Education (GFE) Data Impact Group’s mission is to increase the power of data by enabling organizations to collect, interpret, value and act on educational data from cradle to career. GFE impact groups are organized to achieve measurable impacts and provide value to the broader GFE community. This partnership with SREE is one way the Group seeks to support other GFE members. Current Group members include The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Helios Education Foundation, KnowledgeWorks, The Kresge Foundation, Lumina Foundation, and Trellis Foundation. To learn more or to join the Data Impact Group, please find more information here.

* If the membership fee poses a financial hardship, please contact Ellen Weiss at [email protected]