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The Fierce Urgency of Knowledge: Education Evidence for Reimagining and Reckoning


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A Message from the Program Chairs, January 2021


The year 2020 will go down as one of the most devastating in modern history. By the time our SREE conference convenes in September 2021, the pandemic may be waning, but the horrible effects it has had on students’ opportunity to learn will plague our education systems for a long time. Schools, districts, and states will be hard-pressed to help countless students who have fallen farther behind grade-level expectations, with socioeconomic differences driving what have become even more devastating gaps between the most affluent or privileged groups and marginalized groups. 

2020 also continued to remind us that gaps in achievement and opportunity are further exacerbated by social injustices, racism, and explicit or implicit biases that continue to plague our country. Many students, educators, and organizations feel like they are fighting an uphill battle—and they are. 

So, this is not a time for business as usual. As Martin Luther King Jr. declared, we must recognize “the fierce urgency of now.” This year’s SREE conference theme encourages immediate and consequential action to leverage evidence of effective practices and policies to counteract inequity, accelerate student learning, and reimagine how our systems can better support all educators and students.

Given SREE’s continued commitment to connecting evidence and practice, we are particularly interested in submissions that attend to one or more of the following:

  • Effective programs and interventions to ensure the success of all students
  • Implementation of interventions in different contexts and at-scale
  • Rapid-cycle and quick turn-around impact studies
  • Education technology for remote learning
  • Collaboration between researchers and education practitioners
  • Generalizability across groups and contexts
  • Mobilization of knowledge into policy and practice 

Henry May and Atnre Alleyne
SREE 2021 Conference Program Co-Chairs