2018 Global
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Educational Effectiveness in Global Contexts
Presentations with an international perspective are distributed across the program:
1G: How NGO’s Develop & Use Evidence on SEL Interventions in Conflict-Affected Countries
2G: Effectiveness of Interventions to Improve Early Grade Outcomes: Evidence from 4 Countries
4H: From Evidence Generation to Use: Education Research in the US and UK
5G: Distributional Effects of Life-Wide Learning: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Rwanda
6E: From Randomized Evaluations to Policy Influence: Insights from 3 Nations
6G: Improving Educational Quality and Learning Outcomes in Ghana: Evidence from 3 RCTs
7C: Will They Stay, or Will They Go? Experimental Impacts of Teacher Accountability Systems
8A: New Directions in Early Mathematics
8E: Education Effectiveness Research in the UK: A Conversation with Sir Kevan Collins
8G: Developing, Adapting, and Testing a Research- and Practice-Based Innovation in SEL
9H: Bringing New Tools to Evidence-Based Early Childhood Practices and Programs
10A: Rigorous and Relevant: Research to Inform Early Childhood Education Practices
10E: Ahead of the Curve: Early Matters in Education